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Grey sb 50 amp anderson connector battery disconnect

Silver Contacts Are Self Wiping
Lugs (for 10 Or 12 Gauge Wire)
Of Main Battery In Car, Boat, Rv, Tractor.
Quick Release Your Welding Cables
New Product Made By Anderson But May Have
Other House Brand Name (like SMA, LPM etc)
Fyi All These Anderson Connectors Are
There Is No Male Or Female. A Yellow SB 50
Will Mate Any Other Yellow SB 50 And
The Plus & Minus Will Come Out Right
Each Color Is Made Slightly Different
So It Will Not Connect With A Different Color
Connector (So You Can't Plug A 48 Volt Forklift Battery
You Can Easily Change A Broken Hood In Seconds
And Without Soldering Or Crimping Or Removing
The Old Lugs (Please Disconnect Power First)
Anderson Power Products Connectors & More
If You Need Another Size Or Color
Please Email And We Will Be Glad
We Have 50 Amp 175 Amp & 350 Amp
We Can't Offer Tech Assistance on these Connectors
So be Sure That These Connectors Are What You Need
We offer a 30 day warranty on any hardware defects
any where in the USA for $5.99
You can save by arranging pickup at our location in Northern PA.