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Nickel 99 cast iron welding electrode repair 1/8" 1 lb

Nickel 99 Cast Iron welding electrode
These are all NEW product and not dead or old stock.
Electrode Size: 1/8" X 14" length
Washington Alloy Nickel 99 is recommended for all-position welding of thin cast iron sections where maximum machinability is required. Since the core wire is approximately 99% nickel, weld deposits are basically "soft" and can be shaped, milled, drilled, or tapped, while the color will match that of cast iron. Washington Alloy 99 is specifically suited for repairing cracked or porous castings and to weld cast iron to itself or dissimiliar metals such as low alloy and carbon steels.
Applications: The weld deposits produced by Washington Alloy Nickel 99 have lower strength and ductility than those of 55% nickel cast iron electrodes. For this reason Washington Alloy 99 should only be used where maximum machinability of highly diluted weld metal is required or where weld stresses are not overly severe such as found in light and medium-sized castings. Common uses include thin plates, machinery parts, frames and housings.
Warranty: All new products will come with full manufactures warranty. We will assist in getting phone numbers and local authorized service centers near you.

Nickel 99 cast iron welding electrode repair 1/8