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3-axis RF40 dro kit gear head mill/drill

3-Axis Shop & Hobby DRO System Kit
Speed & Precision! Our Shop & Hobby DRO Kit unlocks the Accuracy potential of a Mill/Drill. System supplies Quick, Easy Digital positioning along with Superior Accuracy. Without a DRO system most of your machining time is spend doing Layout, sight positioning and Backlash Compensation.
This Kit Fits; RF 40 round column Gear Head Mill/Drill's with a 28.5 inch long table. We have other Mill/Drill DRO kits if this is not your Mill/Drill type. If you have a 32.5 inch long table order the RF45 Kit instead. A Key difference with our kits is a complete and proven DRO installation kit. All brackets are fully formed and finished; all Hardware needed for installation is included. Installation manual has Step by Step instructions with detailed pictures. Telephone installation support is available if needed.
Shop & Hobby 3-Axis DRO System Kit has a Full 1 Year USA warrantee and includes Installation and Technical Support when needed. Our Digital Positioning System teams USA designed and manufactured Installation kit with high grade foreign measurement components. We have Hundreds of Satisfied Users.
SMW Precision Sales & Support; (***)-533-9016 (Toll Free) 9am to 5pm PST Mon-Fri.
Getting the Most out of Your Mill/Drill;
A DRO System is a huge Step up in capabilities and accuracy for your Mill/Drill. Need for Layout and almost all other measurement tasks are eliminated. We also suggest acquiring an optical edge finder along with an X-axis powerfeed. Team these accessories with our DRO system and that tough to use Mill/Drill becomes a precise easy to use machine tool. Even the newest machinist can quickly get good results.
We have been selling Shop & Hobby DRO Systems for 5 years and they do hold up; they are a light basic DRO System. We also sell High Precision Glass Scale DRO System for Mill/Drill’s. While more expensive it is built Tough and has many more Milling Process capabilities including full support for repetitive Production. With a PRO DRO System you will spend about 95% of your time in actual machining operations.
DRO Operation; Zero any Axis at any point. Switch between in/mm measurement at anytime. A Diameter function is included for Rotary table usage or Lathe operation. Also included is Machining Calculation Software that allows positional calculation for cutting Bolt Circles, Line Bore and other advanced Milling processes. Software is an evaluation version with a 30 day Free trial; purchase available from Software maker for $29.95.
* X-axis horizontal scale 20”
* Y-axis horizontal scale 8”
* 3 Quick Connector Scale Cables
* Power supply 110 volt plug
Specifications: 3- Axis Readout Display
* 3 display windows for X, Y, and Z
* Back Lighted LCD Display numbers 5/8th inch
* Dimensions 7 x 5 x 1.5” 5/8th" Numbers
* Scale Zero setting at any point
* Inch/Millimeter conversion
* Linear or Radius measurement for X-axis
* Magnetic Display attachment
* Power Supply variable 100/280 volt 50-60hz standard 110 volt plug supplied
* 3 connector cables two 60” & 80”
* Inch/Millimeter conversion button.
* Preset Function display +/- ( except 8")
* Resolution: 0.01mm/0.0005”
* Minimal Repeatable Accuracy +/- 0.001”
Your Satisfaction is Guarantee- If your DRO System kit is not everything we have promised notify us within 14 days after kit delivery for a full purchase price refund! Kit must be returned in salable condition.

3-axis RF40 dro kit gear head mill/drill 3-axis RF40 dro kit gear head mill/drill 3-axis RF40 dro kit gear head mill/drill