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Amber atmel avr ethernet embedded web server kit V1.2

The Amber Embedded Web Server Starter Kit V1.2 is a standalone embedded Web Server development platform for IP based applications on 10BaseT Ethernet networks using an Atmel ATmega128 RISC processor. The Amber Web Server is an enhanced hardware and software compatible version of the Ethernut Ver 1.3 board and accepts all Ethernut compatible expansion boards. Included is a pre-programmed Amber WS-128 (Rev 1.5a) circuit board, ISP-10 parallel port programming adapter, CD with the latest AVR GNU C compiler, open source Nut/OS, Web Server code and example programs. The WS-128 is an excellent development platform for industrial automation, process control, motion control, equipment monitoring, remote serial communication over IP networks. Everything you need for TCP/IP based remote control is included.
The Amber WS-128 is based on the ATmega128 RISC microcontroller from Atmel and the RTL8019AS LAN controller from Realtek. The Amber WS-128 has an RS-232 port, a second serial port, three 8 bit digital IO ports, 10 pin ISP programming port, 10BaseT Ethernet, 8 10 bit Analog input channels and a 64 pin expansion bus for daughter card expansion. The board operates at 5volts from a 9-14VDC power supply with reversal polarity protection. The Rev 1.5a PCB supports several optional features: dual axis accelerometer, full duplex RS-485 port, 128Kx8 Serial Flash, temperature sensor and light sensor. The optional components are not populated but can be installed by the user.
The included CD contains all required software tools, full source code for the applications and a multitude of code samples for HTTP, Telnet, DHCP, DNS, PPP etc. All the software tools are open source - included is a C compiler, linker and loaded. Other daughter cards are available for prototype development, LCD control, data acquisition and RF applications.
For additional detailed documentation (pdf):
Amber Hardware Reference Manual
* ATmega128 RISC Microcontroller (14.7456MHz)
* RTL 8019AS 10BaseT Ethernet controller
* RS232 serial Interface (with DTE/DCE selection)
* 10 pin ISP Programming Interface
* 64 Pin Memory/IO expansion bus
* 24 digital I/Os (PB,PD,PE)
* LEDs for Power, Programming and Ethernet
* 8-14VDC in (polarity protected)
* Optional Features (user installed)
* Full duplex RS-485 Port on second serial channel
* 1G Dual Axis Accelerometer (Memsic MXA2500GL)
* 128Kx8 Serial Flash (Atmel AT45D011)
WLP12 4x16 LCD, PC Keyboard interface and Prototyping area Daughter card.
This is a new unit direct from the manufacturer and includes warranty and technical support.
Ethernut is the trademark of Egnite.

Amber atmel avr ethernet embedded web server kit V1.2 Amber atmel avr ethernet embedded web server kit V1.2 Amber atmel avr ethernet embedded web server kit V1.2