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Americana patriot edition 12 pack

Product DetailsAmericana Patriot Edition
User Instructions to Ensure Compliance is Provided
Identifiable "Decision Point" markers are strategically placed throughout each safety program to assist you in locating sections where you are required, by law, to enter company specific information. Completion of this information assures OSHA compliance!
Take a Look at What's Inside...
1) Confined Space Entry Program
3) Excavation & Trenching Program
5) Hazard Communication Program
6) Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout-Tagout) Program
7) Accident Prevention and Investigation Guide
8) Flammable Storage and Compressed Gas Safety Program
10) Respiratory Protection Program
11) Scaffolding Safety Program and Training Guide
SF-101, Employee Acknowledgement Form
SF-105, Employee Safety Training Record
SF-106, Ergonomic Workstation Analysis Form
SF-107, Employee Ergonomic Workstation Questionnaire
SF-301, Employee Injury & Illness Report
SF-302, Employee Injury Cost Accounting Matrix
SF-401, General Industry Safety Inspection Checklist
SF-403, Job Safety Analysis Worksheet & Instructions
SF-405, Forklift Service Checklist
SF-407, Scaffolding Safety Checklist
SF-501, Construction Industry Inspection Checklist
SF-509, Body Harness & Lanyard Inspection Report
SF-510, Competent Person Evaluation - Fall Protection
SF-511, Pre-Excavation Checklist
SF-512, Trenching Design Checklist
SF-513, Trench Safety - Daily Field Report
SF-514, Competent Person Evaluation - Excavation
SF-601, Confined Space Entry Permit
SF-602, Confined Space - Class A & B Permit
SF-603, Confined Space - Class C Permit
SF-604, List of Authorized Entrants
SF-605, Permit Required Confined Space - Inventory Log
SF-801, Medical Evaluation Questionnaire - Respirator Use
SF-802, Respirator Fit Testing Record
PLUS - 10 Emergency Action Plan (EAP) PDF Forms
BONUS! - 50-slide Power Point EAP Training Presentation
Confined Space Training Presentation
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