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Fs 488 lighted paint meter gauge thickness meters

"Hands Down easier to read during inclement weather and of course, at night. I expected battery life to be shorter, but so far the lighted displays seems to have no adverse affect. I appreciate it most when appraising trades in the evening."
Just wanted to say thanks for the new FS488 with the backlight feature. We purchased one 2 weeks ago and love it! Great idea!!
Why risk losing $1,000 or more when you miss paintwork on an appraisal or purchase. Now you can measure steel and aluminum with the New 2008 Lighted FS 488 and be sure every time. With the new ICE BLUE ILLUMINATED DISPLAY you get perfect readings, even on a dark, rainy night ...
Here are the 10 reasons why 4000 Car
After 18 months and over 4,000 sales, the one request we kept hearing from our car dealer friends to improve the FS 488 was to add a lighted readout. Being Car Dealers ourselves, we realized that many cars are appraised and purchased at night. Now you get a lighted readout on the 2008 FS 488 at the same low price as last year's unlighted model.
* A 7 day a week hot line answered by a "real" car dealer...not a 'techie'. You can call us free of charge to discuss your order or with any questions you may have. 1-(***)-310-2539 Toll Free
"the thing I like most about the 2008 FS 488, is the $1000's of Dollars it save me in discovering issues I would never have discovered especially at night and in rainy weathery, -all which make it difficult to see the car. We purchased two and they paid for themselves the very 1st weekend. Thanks so much for your awesome product"
* Sold with a 90-day money back, 100% satisfaction guarantee. If the FS 488 doesn't make and save you many times its cost in the first 90 days simply return it for a full refund. Click here for details. We warranty the entire gauge for 3 full years and were the first to offer an immediate replacement if you have a problem. Over 4,000 Car Dealers rely on FenderSplendor for lightning fast service.
* Measures both steel and aluminum...fast and foolproof...switches automatically!
* Always calibrated, no need to recalibrate. Almost all of the "bargain" gauges have to be recalibrated, often with very confusing instructions.
* Look at the ICE BLUE ILLUMINATED DISPLAY above to see how it lights up at night. Only the 2008 Lighted FS 488 offers this extra protection.
* Custom designed body, fits perfectly in either hand. This design makes it easy to get the gauge flush against the surface being measured, guaranteeing an accurate measurement.
* Small and compact, less than 3.9" tall. Weighs less than 3.4 oz. Be careful-some of the new arrivals are 5" tall and quite heavy. The 488 is actually smaller than the face of a BlackBook, and fits comfortably in your hand.
* Uses 3 AAA batteries, for longer more reliable battery life.
"Very Easy to use, batteries last a long time. We use it in dry or wet conditions (Cleveland, OH). No problems either way. Love it, love it, love it. Every dealer must have one.
* Reads to 30 mils of thickness. Some of our competitors only read to 20 mils. This makes it easier to determine how much bondo is under the paint.
* Three years in research and development; tested and proven by car
dealers, and manufactured by a precision instrument laboratory (with 10 years experience) exclusively for FenderSplendor. Be sure you never miss paintwork again...even at night.
* Over 4000 Car Dealers bought an FS 488 in the first 24 months-and avoided over $5,000,000 in painful losses. You can be sure it is the absolute best paint meter for the money!
* Comes with a wrist strap to help protect against accidental dropping. Many of the gauges showing up on the market have no wrist strap.
* Includes a custom grained leather embossed belt holster, a $24.95 value, absolutely free if you decide to get one today. Some of the lower priced gauges don't even have a holster.
instead of the blue, orange and big gray meters I see?
Five years ago, all you saw was the "Orange Gauge." Mostly high line dealers used the gauge which sold for as much as $1,000. Then, three years ago we began discounting paint meters. In the first two years FenderSplendor, Inc. sold close to 1,000 paint gauges making us the fastest growing paint meter distributor in the World, and one of the largest. During this period of time we realized that no one in the gauge and electronic instrument business really understood the car dealer's needs. None of the gauges are designed from scratch for the car dealer.
"I wanted to thank you for the two FS488's I purchased a few months ago. I was able to purchase two units that read both steel and aluminum for the same price I paid for one "orange" unit ...that read only steel!! The lighted display seemed like a nice option but now that I've used it to appraise cars at night it is indispensable...I'm very happy to have done my research and found your company.
More Paint Meter, Less Money...take a look
The 2008 Lighted FenderSplendor FS 488 offers more features than gauges costing twice as much. By manufacturing the gauge ourselves we are able to cut out many layers of profit and get you the absolute best paint meter for the job at 1/2 what some of our competitors charge.
Order now and get these valuable gifts in addition
2. A custom embossed Ostrich grained leather holster. This custom holster clips on your belt and mounts sideways so it is more comfortable on your waist. The magnetic 'fast release' makes it easy to get your FS 488 in and out, in a hurry. A $24.50 value absolutely free.
3. A professionals guide to using your FS 488. More than just an instruction book, this 5 page guide shows you special secrets to using your FS 488 for getting the most out of it.
Call us 24/7 with any questions you have or to
pay by phone ... 1-(***)-310-2539 Toll Free or 1-(***)-948-2130
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Fs 488 lighted paint meter gauge thickness meters Fs 488 lighted paint meter gauge thickness meters Fs 488 lighted paint meter gauge thickness meters Fs 488 lighted paint meter gauge thickness meters