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New lot of 25 load bearing carabiner GI371 80MM 2,300LB

Amazingly useful in a wide variety of applications, our carabiner clips are very similar to the military's "371" style. Incredible time savers for any activity involving chain, rope, cable, or anything else that needs fast and easy one handed attachment. The only limits are your imagination and needs; we've made chainmail, dog collars and truck tailgates with them.
These are real, load bearing zinc plated steel, tested to a break at 2,300lb (1,000kg), which gives a 230lb (100kg) safe working load for use with humans: most people can expect to safely hang their weight from these hooks. Some of ours have seen daily outdoor use on the truck, winter and summer, and are still shiny and unrusted. We have had complaints from a salt water fisherman about rust, so we don't reccomend them for that kind of environment.
Snap Opening: 3/8in (9.525 mm)
Length overall: 3 1/8 inches (7.93 cm)
Material: USA SAE 1050 Spring Steel (Euronorm C50E, Germany CK45/C45, UK CS50)
Break Strength: 2,369 lb (1,074 kg)
Safe Working Load: 236 lb (107 kg)
Individual Weight: 2.25 oz (65 gm)
(Note: Puppies pictured for scale, contrast, and cuteness; no animals are available with this listing.)
Express Mail (with delivery confirmation) available for only $17 extra.